Reasons Maine Coons Are the Best Cats

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Whether you have a Maine Coon or are looking into getting one, you won’t regret getting this fabulous feline! Though larger than your average housecat, these fantastic felines have personalities larger than life. Admired and adored for their laidback, loving, and lively natures, there’s never a dull moment by their side. 

Maine Coons are wonderful pets for either experienced or first-time pet owners. They’re great with people of all ages, other cats, and dogs. They are loyal and social while retaining their independence. They are often dubbed as the ‘gentle giants’ of the cat world. Here are some reasons why Maine Coons are the best cats.

Reasons Maine Coons Are the Best Cats

1.) Maine Coons are easy maintenance.

Though their coat may seem like a daunting task for maintenance, rest assured these cats don’t require any more coat care than other cat breeds. According to Purr Craze, a Maine Coon’s coat is made up of three layers. Two of these layers make up the under-coat, which is composed of short hairs close to the skin that provide a protective insulated layer. The other layer, the guard coat, is water resistant, long, and fluffy. With all this fur, you may wonder if Maine Coons shed more. Rest assured, they don’t! Some simple daily brushing, a lint roller, and a vacuum cleaner should do the trick. Additionally, Maine Coons know how to entertain themselves and don’t require much other than some regular play, a litter box or two, love, and some yummy nutritious meals!

2.) Maine Coons are wonderful family cats. 

Thanks to their gentle nature, Maine Coons are fabulous with young children. They are highly adaptable pets and tolerant of their surroundings. They make wonderful pets for families with babies, infants, toddlers, or small children. The loyal and loving Maine Coon is sure to embrace your little one as part of the family and vice versa! Maine Coons go on to form wonderful, lifelong bonds with children and are wildly attentive to them.

3.) Maine Coons are great with other pets.

Since Maine Coons are incredibly social and that extends to other household pets! Their laidback, easygoing, and even-tempered natures ensure that they get along with all other living creatures. Gentle and playful, your Maine Coon will go above and beyond to win the friendship of the other pets in the household.  

4.) Maine Coons are one of the healthiest cat breeds.

According to West Park Animal Hospital, Maine Coons are one of the healthiest cat breeds you can get! Though all breeds are susceptible to certain health issues, Maine Coons are generally considered one of the healthiest breeds due to their genetic history. Since Maine Coons were bred to withstand harsh weather conditions, they genetically may have stronger immune systems. 

5.) Maine Coons are super playful.

If you’re looking for a cat that will relish in every moment of play time, Maine Coons are your best bet! Maine Coons are incredibly playful and adore playtime with their people, toys, and other pets. Super social, you can expect your Maine Coon to want to spend its days playing with you. Maine Coons are wildly intelligent and can even be trained to play fetch!

6.) Maine Coons are easy to leash train.

Maine Coons were bred to survive harsh winters and stay outdoors. Outside time is wildly important to Maine Coons. If you’re not confident that your cat should be outdoors in your neighborhood, then the good news is that Maine Coons are super easy to leash train! If you love walking around your neighborhood, then the Maine Coon is the perfect cat for you. Simply set them up on a leash and harness and watch them flourish outdoors!

7.) Maine Coons make the cutest sounds!

Maine Coons are famed and adored for the darling sounds they make. This particular cat breed loves to chirp and meow to communicate. There’s never a dull moment with a Maine Coon, since they’ll vocalize their love and adoration for you. Whether you’re working or making dinner, count on a Maine Coon to ask you what you’re up to!

Maine Coon Personality Traits

The Maine Coon has a cult following in the pet world for it’s ability to act more dog-like than cat-like. Maine Coons have unique personalities and their warmth is infectious. Affectionate and gentle, Maine Coons make wonderful additions to virtually any household. 

They are truly curious cats and will often try to become involved in everything you’re doing. Maine Coons constantly want to be by your side and thoroughly invest themselves not only into what you’re doing, but are genuinely interested. If you work from home, you can count on your Maine Coon snuggling up right next to you as they watch you tap away on your keyboard!

Wildly affectionate, a Maine Coon’s main desire is to be with you or near you at all times. While they do maintain their independence, a Maine Coon’s mission is to always be wherever you are. They love to purr and knead the blankets while in bed with you. We’d argue that they’re the snuggliest cats!

There’s a reason that Maine Coons are dubbed the ‘gentle giants’ of the domesticated cat world. They’re incredibly good-natured and loved for their even-temperaments. Maine Coons are very laidback and their main desire is to relax and love their people. Gentle, loving, and tolerant, Maine Coons are just about perfect!

All in all, Maine Coons are wonderful cats that thrive off love, friendship, and communication. If you’re looking to get this infatuating cat breed, rest assured that they will go above and beyond to provide endless affection and companionship. Adorable, intelligent, and full of personality, these cats are sure to spoil you! If you’re a cat person, or a pet lover in general, Maine Coons are an incredible option. It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular cat breeds in the world! From their fluffy coats to darling personalities, what’s not to love?