Why Do Maine Coons Sleep So Much? | Sleeping habits

Maine coon sleeping habits

The Maine Coon cat is known by many names but, apparently, the one that has gained popularity is the one aforementioned. However, once you start googling for names for these furry felines, you’ll be surprised to find out that there are numerous names by which Maine coons are known, such as American Coon Cat, Maine Cat, Maine Trick Cat, American Longhair, American Forest Cat, American Shag, American Snughead and last but not the least, Coonie. This specific feline, is completely revered by numerous and for good reasons and the one that has made many people fall for it, is its intelligence. (Unknown, Maine Coon Cat Behavior and Traits)

Maine Coons are felines, packed with a character. They truly have a method for enrapturing nearly anybody. Also, their behavior is uncontrollably exuberant! This breed is easing back to develop so they maintain their behavior of an overgrown kitten for a considerable length of time. They can win over even the most solidified “entirely canine individual”! I jump at the chance to state that they are the Golden Retrievers of the catlike world: delicate, sweet, fun loving, and absolutely loving; Perused more about that great identity. At the point when people are asked what their most loved characteristic is, the most widely recognized answer is identity. They each have their own “way” about them, and regularly appear to be more similar to individuals than cats. It helps that they are inconceivably shrewd as well!

It is amazing how Maine Coon felines show an abnormal state of knowledge and can really be trained almost exactly the way a dog is trained. Okay, let’s not ignore the fact that they always ignore you at first whenever you call them, however, with the help of a few trapping tricks, they can end up responding to you. With a high IQ like this, you need to ensure you prepare the feline in a not so different way. Being honored with a fiendish comical inclination and unlimited vitality, you can depend on the Maine Coon feline to need to play with you. Take a stab at showing them how to play get. Their gigantic front paws, regardless of the possibility that they aren’t polydactyls, give them a lot of skills. You can watch your Maine coons doing several little things that might surprise you, like twisting its paw over a question and after that lifting it up. They can and do figure out how to open pantry entryways and go into investigate. What’s more, in the event that you happen to have a tap that is genuinely simple to turn on, give your feline sufficient time and he’ll figure out how to turn it on. Exceptional felines, Maine Coons, have likewise been known to eat with their paws rather than out of their dishes. Fight the temptation to offer them their own fork. (McKinnon, 2008)

However, everything aside, there is one thing in particular that surely does bother a lot of Maine Coon owners – the fact that these furry felines, sleep a lot. It is of no surprise that an average Maine Coon sleeps for 16 hours straight, which leaves their owners a bit doubting on their health and worrying. Thus, in this written piece we are going to take you through why Maine Coons sleep this much and if it’s okay for them to have such habits. So, here we go.

Why Do Maine Coons Sleep A lot?

The Maine Coon feline is steadfast and agreeable, but, not neurologically cling or in easy words, sensible. For the individuals who appreciate the perkiness of a cat, while keeping a Maine Coon as a pet you should be mentally prepared that these cats might not make you very happy with their playfulness. The Maine Coon cat is a moderate developing feline breed—even young people some of the time demonstrate to be like little cats. However, the accommodating, serene Maine Coon won’t fatigue your nerves with constant tearing around the house. Presumably because of its working legacy, the Maine Coon is surely aware of when to fall asleep and go deep in the world of relaxation. It’s neither lethargic nor a vitality waster. Most Maine Coon felines appreciate a nice, brief, and sometimes a timely nap, at a young hour in the morning and again at night. Whatever remains of the time they relax, similar to the sensible felines they are (Morgan).

The climate will have a significant, huge impact on your feline’s dozing propensities and he will tend to twist up when it’s frosty or wet outside, and there’s no way of any daylight. They will likewise rest for longer periods on the off chance that they are exhausted – most felines acknowledge organization, human or cat, with a choice of toys to keep them engaged as they as a rule have extremely dynamic brains! Furthermore, similar to people, felines will likewise turn out to be exceptionally touchy in the event that they are denied by the rest the requirement for their specific way of life. Felines seem, by all accounts, to be ready to rest at anyplace and won’t really utilize the extremely expensive beds that you purchase for them from your neighborhood pet store. They are regularly similar as glad to have a basic bean bag or duvet assortment of feline bed (which must be completely machine launder-able) on top of the couch or close to a radiator. Felines will ordinarily let you know where they need to rest, however, take mind that they don’t pick a place that isn’t alright for them or that will influence your way of life and attempt and cajole them to a perfect spot while they are still exceptionally youthful. Many felines get a kick out of the chance to rest almost a TV or other electrical apparatus that gives out a considerable measure of warmth, in spite of the fact that this can be possibly hazardous in the event that they square air vents and shed abundant measures of free hair into the workings of the thing. (Unknown)

No one can ever reach the limit of a Maine Coon cat’s nap. You will see them curling them in their warm beds and drifting to a slumber. When it comes to the way they sleep, Maine Coons show silly behavior, that might end you laughing at it. These furry creatures are found sleeping upside down, midsection up, flaunting their hills of hide. In the event that it’s the center of the night, their favored place to rest is, the place else; in your informal lodging your head! He’ll make a point to murmur decent and uproarious for a decent extended period of time, as well! Furthermore, when he naps in your most loved chair or on the lounge chair, he will consume up more room than the normal individual! (Cespedes)

Is Sleeping Too Much Normal For These Cats?

Relative to humans, cats are a much heavy sleeper. Humans sleep for hardly 8-9 hours a day, whilst for cats, that’s just the nap time. Amid cat’s REM sleep, Maine Coons twitch their ears, paws and even their face – this is extremely typical and is not reason for concern, so no need to assume that your cat is going to have a fit. During their nice and cozy slumber, Maine coons have dreams, and all we can see is that they are only snoozing, and their eyes are really moving behind their eyelids. Researchers trust that felines dream, and it is amid this REM rest that they are longing for getting mice and winged creatures maybe – you will see paws prepared to assault and once in a while they make the babbling sound when they are completely wakeful and pretty much to jump on their clueless prey! Most Maine Coons have an extremely quick response state when they hear the sound of their sustenance dishes being moved or notice some delectable chicken or fish being set up for your own particular dinner in the kitchen! The Non REM stage is all the more a profound rest when your feline replaces his energies after a major feast or an episode of action, and when the insusceptible framework develops quality once more. The stance is typically unique to when they are “resting” and you will see him loose and misleading one side – and if there is a sudden commotion he will hop similarly as you would in case you’re woken by an uproarious clamor amid the night. After an episode of profound dozing, felines wake up with comparable schedules to their proprietors with a decent arrangement of squinting, extending, yawning and the requirement for a wash and look over! Cats require a great deal of Non REM rest, as it’s the point at which they develop their muscles and bones prepared to confront the world as a grown-up feline, and in the wild it has the additional favorable position of guarding them from peril without drawing in any predators. As household little cats become more established and more portable they will wander from their home region and surge about playing – and afterward out of the blue they will be overcome by the need to rest and will nod off amidst the floor, or some of the time even in their food bowls. (Nalman)

Now all the fun we have while watching them sleep, with a worry in the back of our minds, that is this habit of Maine Coons normal? Should they sleep this much? Well, let us take you out of your unease, and tell you, that for Maine Coons, sleeping this much – for 16 hours straight – is completely normal and that doesn’t indicate anything worth of your concern and worries. Maine Coon cats are crepuscular – which implies that they are most dynamic amid the sundown hours of day break and nightfall. They tend to hide out in the evening and daytime hours, when different predators might hang about. Felines may rest a considerable measure, however, when they’re alert, they beyond any doubt capitalize on their time! (Forbes)


Maine Coons help us to remember the basic part of individual. They seem to never drift off far into a heavy sleep. Though they seem like they are extremely playful and even active at one moment, engaging in running around the house or even stalking its prey, these cats seem able to slide effortlessly back into the rest and sleep the next. Feeling sheltered and secure is not about precluding the truth from securing life’s dangers, but rather of figuring out how to unwind regardless of them. Regardless of the fact that we can just theorize about their subjective experience, feline conduct recommends they live with an irregular feeling of congruity amongst waking and rest. Interestingly, the vast majority of us separated ourselves from the rest during our rest of the day. Like individuals, Maine Coons also snooze in a light rest or rest profoundly. At the point when your feline snoozes (which keeps going around fifteen minutes to a half hour), he will position his body with the goal that he can spring up and without hesitation immediately. Amid profound rest, felines encounter fast (or speedy) mind development. Profound rest tends to last around five minutes, after which the feline retreats to napping. This napping profound rest design goes ahead until the feline awakens.


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