Maine Coons abusive behavior

Maine coon abusive behaviour

Maine Coons are known as the biggest, furriest, and friendly local breed in America. According to Cat Fancier’s Association what differs them from others most is that they are most intelligent breed due to which they can be highly trained but despite all that they also become invasive.

Abusive nature of Maine Coons:

Maine Coons are often considered regional in nature. It means that they become confined to their territory. Sometimes there becomes a scenario in which your Maine Coon starts feeling threatened by the other pets at home. Either inside the house or in the window, it is the possibility that your Maine Coon starts behaving abusive and may affirm his strength over everybody and everything in his surroundings. Male cats are more dominant, so they behave more abusively as compared to females, most commonly, they start showering shower pee as a primal method for asserting “dibs.”

To prevent your cat from becoming in the state of abusing the best method is to get your Maine Coon spayed. Using the approach of getting it separated or disconnect him from his/her offspring’s is not an appropriate method because it does not work in most cases. Disconnecting your feline from his wellspring of trouble doesn’t work – smells and different signs can trigger comparable responses to the first act to arouse action. In the case of the Maine Coons belonging to multi-cat homes, you have to work hard to control their abuses. You’ll need to acknowledge that felines build up their dominance and strength schemes and groupings with other pets.

Maine coons are some pets who need your particular attention and consideration otherwise they start behaving wildly. The Ohio State University have recommended the different assets from their researches which can be beneficial in controlling their dominance and abusive nature by considering carefully that they have adequate access to nourishment on time, litter boxes, toys, and different assets can suppress strength issues (, 2017).

Sometimes, we have a coincidence of having a pet dog as well in the presence of these cats, so there lies a chance of their offensive nature because they can easily harm that small dog because Maine Coon may develop to be three or four circumstances the size and weight of the puppy. This feature of these makes for intriguing and sometimes frightening discussion for you and to some degree, terrified visitors. Despite the fact that your Maine Coon will likely manage your little puppy around, he’s probably not going to spook or pester him until you do not give more attention to the dog. The best name “gentle giants” is merited for Maine Coons from time to time show conduct issues of any kind.


As far as mentality, the Maine Coon feline has been contrasted with a 3-year-old human youngster: curious, hardheaded, beguiling and totally without still, small voice. Despite the fact that they are the most well-behaved pets, Maine Coon can make a shambles of your home if the inclination strikes. Any feline can shred something costly. However, the sheer size of the Maine Coon permits it to rupture and tear into pieces all the more in an efficient way.

It is not necessarily the case that Maine Coon felines are damaging. When in doubt, they aren’t any more than different breeds of cats. As these are an animal, so they must have wild nature up to some extent. It’s recent that when they do choose to do something abusive, they can do about twice as much harm as more unassumingly measured feline breeds.

This doesn’t mean that regarding this assumption you start preferring that declawing is a decent alternative for mindful feline caretakers. Well, we can say that yes it’s more secure, more sympathetic, and much less expensive to buy or introduce a scratching post and keep your feline’s nails appropriately trimmed. You can even purchase corner-saver scratching presents that interface on the side of the sofa, a spot to which many Maine Coons appear pulled in. In addition, Maine Coons are viewed as one of the sharpest and most trainable of all felines. Truth be told, many can live without much of a stretch and even be educated to stroll on a chain. But as a result of this humans have started mistreating these by using them for hunting purposes.


Maine Coons have very robust and strong muscular structure, as well, which favors the owners to use these in macho pull of-war diversions, and it is totally an abuse of these animals. Maine Coons toys are a must option for this cat breed as their active nature requests dynamic incitement and prevent them from getting aggressive. Maine Coons are particularly attached to the angling rod, shaft sort feline toys, however, be admonished. A Maine Coon can, without much of a stretch, snap the line of flimsier models—select an overwhelming obligation assortment. So you must never forget to put the kitty teasers cats away after recess inquisitive felines, particularly little cats, can coincidentally swallow strings and accelerate a genuine and exceptionally costly restorative emergency.

They have another strange habit that is a propensity for the Maine Coon is their inclination for butting heads with their caretakers, and I imply that in a strict sense. Huge Maine Coons are strong enough for conveying a significant effective hit, and I talk from individual experience. It has all the earmarks of being a type of safe play, which they want to participate in with their most loved individuals but it sometimes becomes dangerous in the case of kids.

If that individual isn’t accessible, the feline will then continue down the clear line of power in the households. At any rate, all these macho play propensities can lead to the severe results unknowingly. And for the most of the time undoubtedly this man’s feline. Indeed, even men who say they couldn’t care less for felines are perpetually enchanted by the monstrous and energetic Maine Coon (, 2017).

You’ve seen them tear about your home batting and jumping on anything that moves, and it rather includes the pet dog’s swaying tail also which can result in an awful result. In the realm of a little cat, and on occasion more seasoned cats anything that appears as though it may be “prey” merits chasing. It’s an extraordinary impact playing chase! In any case, on the off chance that you choose to empower this sort of conduct, be careful! It can and will get out of hand.


Little cats typically have littermates to test their limits. If one of them survives line of boundaries that you have assigned to them, they get a disposition conformity from the cat they just peed off or Mom ventures in and teaches them the uproar demonstration. If a cat is embraced out too soon, this harsh play exchanges to the caretaker. Most of the caretakers don’t tell the feline what’s out of line and what isn’t and this is sometimes a reason for their abusive nature. Likely under the mixed up impression that it’s “recently” safe play and you can’t teach a cat like a puppy.

There’s a contrast between innocuous little cat/feline cutting loose and forceful play moving toward an abused state. Simply notice your cat/feline and you will know the transfers ownership of right – exceedingly overstated stances, the “hunker,” ears straightened, enlarged understudies and that evil exchanging tail and if you observe such thing be alert and try to control her/ him to avoid the harmful results (McKinnon, McKinnon, & profile, 2017).

To be perfectly honest, the most straightforward arrangement is not to empower this carrying on by unpleasant lodging with them. Decline to take an interest, and yes, they will become out of this. And try to give proper time to their training. All those owners who are using their breed for the hunting and for fight context purposes they are mistreating their pet, especially in the case of Maine Coons. They are very friendly and loyal in nature, so one must stop acts like that.


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