How to Differentiate Genders in Maine Coons

Genders in Maine Coons

While cats are the most adorable pets, one could possess the Maine Coon cats are probably the best breed you could own. Although it is the largest breed of cat regarding its size, the silky fur coat it has gives it a very elegant look. They are the world’s oldest cats which have their origin dating back to hundreds of centuries ago. They are probably the only cats that love water and have six toes which add to their adorable nature and make them more loveable.

Genders in Maine Coons

Different Genders

Whereas the Maine Coon cat is very different from other breeds because of its personality which is very family oriented and charming,however,the difference between the genders can be clearly seen in these cats. Do you know how to differentiate genders in Maine Coon? The difference is not only in their size but also in their personality and how they expected to be treated in various situations. A brief explanation about both genders will make cat lovers more informed hence deciding which one to buy.


The male Maine Coon cat is bigger physically and even personality wise. They are more demanding when it comes to seeking time of their owners and is usually very social.This means that they need their own time where they are away from their family and can socialize with their friends. Their social needs are very similar to those of humans. They are the only breed of cats, and I repeat the only breed which likes to interact with humans.

Genders in Maine Coons

They are very curious as to what humans around them are doing and will want to roam around with you or sit next to you while you are doing some work. Since they are bigger in size, they need more space and might easily get annoyed if they don’t get the space they are looking for. As soon as male cats become bigger, they find it difficult to adjust to new surroundings leaving them confused and difficult to bond with. Male cats tend to be a bit more immature than their female counterparts but are the leaders of their family.


Females are generally smaller than male coon cats and although an inch or two might not seem like a very large difference when measuring it can be of immense difference when it comes to the size of cats. The female cats are careful when it comes to the people home they are socializing with and hence tend to remain aloof most of the time, interacting with their owners usually.

Genders in Maine Coons

They are more reserved and have a laid back attitude generally. They tend to be more mature like females in real life and if their male partner does anything wrong they can go to the extent of removing their position as a leader. Females tend to surprise their owners sometimes by giving them a lot of love hence proving the fact that they are family cats.


The maine coon cats are the best breed you can get your hands especially if you want a family cat which interacts you with you rather than roaming around or sleeping. This cat has a very different and loving nature and for those who love cats but haven’t had any of this type you should buy a pair and I guarantee that you will not regret your decision.

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