History of Maine Coon Cats – Shrouded in Mystery

Maine Coon Cat shows and competitions

Unlike Maine coon cats, most of the breeds have a clear origin. Their ancestors can be traced right away.
Other the other hand, this Maine coon cat leaves us guessing. Their huge appearance is not ordinary.
Some sources claims they have said to be originated from the State of Maine. The state is famous for its lakes, mountains, rugged coastline, and forests. With harsh climatic conditions, to survive the environment it takes a special breed of cat who can adjust- who else it can be other than this hardy Maine Coon Cat. This breed was first exposed to some cat shows in Maine, and all that was considered that they actually belong to Maine originally. Due to their rare visibility at initial level to other regions, they were named as Maine Cats.

But the past of Maine coon cats is surrounded by mystery. Several myths, theories and tales are associated with them and it’s up to you to opt for the suitable one.
Where do they actually belong to? From where do they come from? Let’s work our way to bring impossible discussion to some conclusion.

The Raccoon Connection

Some say mating between a raccoon and domestic farm cat gave birth to the amazing creature.

But, the twist is this is genetically impossible says Modern Science and definitely a myth as they are two different species. The bushy and stripped tail of Maine Coon Cat is probably the reason behind this tale.

The bob cat and house cat
Well, here is another aspect of their origination, its mating between domestic house cat and a bob cat that resulted in this specie of cat. In any case, unquestionably not a claim that the specialists accept to be valid. Take a close look at the coon cat it could make you wonder!

Run-Away from Harsh Climate
So as to survive the unforgiving Maine atmosphere, they created heavier bodies and thicker coats to secure themselves. A few people trust that the Maine Shag started from house felines that turned wild after they were relinquished.

Mating between Angora Cats and Norwegian Cats

This version of story is more enticing. Amid the French upset, Marie Antoinette wanted to flee from France to the US.
She sent 6 of her prized Angora Cats from France to the US. The Angora Cats figured out how to cross the sea to safety. It is trusted that they mated with Norwegian Forest Cats on their way over, bringing about the American Longhair.

The longhaired cat and the Vikings
There is a possibility, that Viking officers carried cats with them from Norway. The Maine Coon nearly similar to the Norsk Skogkatt (Norwegian Forest Cat) of Northern Europe. This cat, and its Danish and Swedish counterparts, the Rugkatt and the Racekatte, have many physical traits in common with the Maine Coon.

Longhaired felines of Sailor Coon

Another story involves Coon a sailor had a pack of Angora and Persian felines. It is trusted that their mating brought about the longhaired, Maine Cat, called ‘Coon Cats’. Though there is no evidence for existence of man and this tale. The most authentic story is that they originated from the mating of Angora cats, Persian cats and Shorthaired Domestic Cats.

Matter of Truth

Arrival to United States of America

The real existence and origin of Maine coon cats is probably the blend of all the legends, myths mentioned above, the fact is the origin of Maine Coon Cat is still untraceable and not known yet. All through the time of American colonization, ships went toward the North-East of the USA with crew and cargo, accompanied by their cats. So there arises the possibility that cats of different breeds were part of that group, which mated with the real domestic cats. Man based on their own understanding, and then added to the blend by selecting the attributes that were observed to offer, finally creating today’s Maine Coon. Therefore the Maine Coon Cat is one of the natural breed of cats, or possibly the first ones were, however it has been changed throughout the years. What we can ascertain here are the coons cats are over a century old. Records demonstrate that as far back as 1860 these Maine coon cats were appeared first at cat shows over US.


With the span of time, different breeders carried on to with the process of developing the new breed and record of kittens produced in results of these mating was maintained. The most prominent person was Mrs.Ethelyn Augusta who kept many Maine Coon Cats along with some other breeds with her. She is presumably considered the in charge of the way that the Maine Coon Cats have gained place, and most present day Maine Coons are likely linked with Whitmore cats.

At the point when couple of outsiders from Maine had genuinely expressed enthusiasm for the breed, the commitment of this lady kept the Maine Coon from sinking into lack of clarity, especially when the physical records were being kept by other individuals too.  Indeed, even after the breed was acknowledged by the different enrolling bodies, she didn’t begin enlisting her darling cats until being completely assured by Dr.Eminhizer, who wanted to display the adorable version of cats he had purchased from her. Later, a Maine Coon Cat Club was formed in the year 1953, but the main objectives of this club were made evident three years after the club was formed. This club gave Maine Coon Cats an official platform to make a comeback, and they gained acceptance and popularity soon after its formation.  During the period of 1953 and 1963 the Central Maine Coon Cat Club held eleven shows, the general winning Maine Coon picking up the title of Maine State Champion Coon Cat.



Maine coon cats were finally accepted as a Pedigree breed in 1976. After the Persian cats, this breed is now the most favorite and popular breed across USA also the official cat for the state of Maine.

Arrival to Great Britain

In Europe, the presence of Maine Coon Cats was limited to magazines only; they came to Britain after mid of 1980. Due to British quarantine laws; the American breeders at first place were hesitant to send over Maine coon cats, expecting that the cats would be kept in unsatisfactory environment in little pens. However despite of the doubts, the Maine coon cats were imported in 1984. They comprised of five coon cats of different hues, and soon more started to arrive, and the breeding initiated in the UK.

In Britain, the Maine coon cat club was founded in 1985 by a small group of British Breeders. After which the prevalence of these new breed kept on developing, and in 1993 they at long last accomplished full Championship status. Today they are the fourth most well-known breed in the UK, and their adoration keeps on developing.

Maine Coons Cats of the 21st Century

At present, in the United States of America, the Maine Coon is the second most loved and graded version of cats, after the Persian cat which is most loved at cat shows like ever before. Wild cat ear tufts, big paws and sheer size are the few reasons why people love to marvel and gasp the Maine Coon Cat. The Maine Coon may have expanded in size somewhat because of form, albeit additional extensive Maine Coons have most likely dependably flown up here and there all through history. A few reproducers additionally think the expressions have changed a bit, in any event in a few lines. “Diverse raisers have run their own specific manner with various looks,” says Martha Auspitz, Cat Fanciers’ Association Maine Coon breed gathering secretary and a Maine Coon reproducer in Kentucky. “The standard used to indicate a sweet look, however that has been taken out and some breed for a more in wild look today.”

Martha elaborates the uniqueness of Maine Coon Cats as:

“The Maine coon cats come with wilder look, and their looks are complimented by tiny bright eyes, a longer sheath and ears almost close to one another completely different from other breeds. While other breeds have bigger eyes, ears little parted from each other, and a marginally shorter yet at the same time square gag on the whole possesses a sweet look”.





The Final Verdict/ Conclusion

Does this long story change your love for the Gentle Giant?
Does all this stuff really matters anyway?
Do we mind where the Maine Coon originated from?

These huge creatures are one of a kind, tremendous, amazingly adorable cats, and have committed fans all over the world; they are least bothered with their history.  Regardless of whatever you call your coon cat, you just can’t ignore their wild, huge appearance and ultimate cuteness which they actually are. These loving animals can take your heart away with only one look, and on the off chance that you just have one Maine Coon, you will soon have more.

With the growing popularity, at the present, the MCBFA have membership numbers over 200 breeders and 1000 fanciers acknowledging their acceptance to this wonderful creature.