Maine Coon Genealogy and Characteristics

Maine coon characteristics

The largest breed of cats is Maine Coon. It has a particular physical appearance and amazing hunting skills. The oldest breed of cats found in North America, Particularly “Native” to the state of Maine. Where, it is the Official Cat.

There is no proper records existing of the Maine coon’s exact origin and introduction, so some competing presumption has been suggested. Maine coon is the breed, which is so much popular in cat shows since the late 19th Century, but its survival becomes threatened when other breeds from overseas were introduced in the 20th century. Maine Coon has made a comeback and is now one of the most popular cats in today’s world.

The Maine Coon is one of the amicable cats; its short name is the “Gentle Giant”. It is specified by a tough bone structure, rectangular shape of the body, silky coat, and a bushy tail with lots of fur on it. The Maine Coon has a wide range when it comes to their color. It is very famous for its intelligence and joyful, calm personality. The Maine Coon is often alluding as having “DOG LIKE” nature. There are some palpable health problems being observed in this breed like Hip Dysplasia.

Genealogy: The beginning of the Maine Coon cats is unknown. There are only assumptions about it. A fable, which is intrinsically impossible, is that, The Maine Coon stoop from pet cats and Raccoons. This fable is based on the color of the breed which is common in both. Another recommendation about Maine Coon cats is that they originate from the mating of pet cats and wild cats, which could explain the feathers of hairs that are seen on the ears.

Breed Characteristics: The Maine Coon is the largest breed of pet cat. Males weigh 13 lb. to 18 lb. while female weigh 8 lb. to 12 lb. their heights vary between 10 cm to 16 cm. They can reach up to the length of 48 cm tail included. Their tails are long and fury like Raccoon’s tail. Their body is muscular, for supporting their own weight and their chest is extensive. They have a very slow physical process.

They are the medium and long haired cats; their coat is soft and very fluffy, although texture may be different depending on the color. Their fur gets thicker in winters and thinner in summer.

Many of the original Maine Coon Cats that populated in England have a characteristic called Polydactylism (Having double Toe). This characteristic is present in 40% of the Maine Coon Cats.

The Maine Coon has many physical modifications for winter endurance. Their fur is longer and ruffled which can resist deep water. Their bushy tail is defiant to sag in snow and can covered their face and shoulders for salvation. It is also supported them in sitting on snow. The large Paws of Maine Coons helps them walking on snow and are alike to Snowshoes. A Long bunch of furs growing between their toes help keep their toes warm and help in walking on snow, by providing the Paw appended structure without eloquent extra weight and Heavily furred ears with long furs growing from inside help keep their ears warm.

Gentle Giants: Maine Coons are usually called gentle giants and have average intelligence; they are comparatively easy to train. They are famous for their bond to their family and cautious around strangers. Maine Coons are famous for being independent cats. They are usually not a “LAP CAT” but their amiable inclination makes them comfortable around dogs, other cats, and kids. They are playful and tender all of their life. Many Maine Coons have a bond with water and some say that this characteristic comes from ascendants, which spent time on ships for much of their life. They are very vocal cats. They are famous for their frequent howling, chirping and making the loud noise.

Diet: In their diet, they usually needed proteins and nutrients. Since they are a breed with a high level of energy it is necessary to feed them quality food includes dry food and wet foods. Feeding them with dry food can reduce serious teeth problems. Avoid food heaving grains as it leads to diabetes and obesity. Maine coon should not eat soy or some grains. Cats can have vulnerability from plastic bowls, so it is best if they eat in glass or steel bowl.

Health: Maine coon cats have some health problems like hip dysplasia and special muscular atrophy (SMA) hip dysplasia is an abnormality of the hip joint which cause crippling lameness and arthritis the male cats are usually targeted by hip dysplasia because of having big bone spinal muscles get disturbed and seems abnormal. These symptoms revealed within 3 – 4 months of age and results in muscle decline and weakness, it shortened the life span of Maine coon cats.

Other Names: Maine coon cat are also called as coon cat, Maine cat, Maine shag, snowshoe cat, American longhair, American coon cat,

These cats were taken in highly honored by the locals for their talent and competitions were held to reward the best “coon cat” The Maine coon cat developed into strong, working cat’s best suited to rough winters and assorted seasons of the northeast region. The Maine coon cat nowadays is known for a strong, scraggy emergence, which includes an uneven ragged coat of different lengths and a long, tail.

Recognition: After some year of local adoration and competition the Maine coon cat was selected as the best cat at the first major cat show ever held in the U.S. The medal awarded to one of the Coon cats.

Maine Coon cats are talented and easy to train, defined as “dog- like” in nature. They are very playful and give you hours of enjoyment but at times they become intrusive. They usually want to be a part of everything you are doing basically they are highly attention seeker and independent as well. Most of the cats are very fond of water as they want to play with, watch it, wash their food or just play in it.

The Maine Coon cat has an oil coat very shiny and silky. It is not so heavy and its upkeep is very easier than other long -haired cats. Grooming of Maine Coon cat is very easy to do as they have a very good picking ability.

Maine Coon cats are an affordable addition to your households. Prices are different depends on the area of the country. However, many breeders offer retired breeding cats at a reduced cost to welcoming homes.

Kittens are usually available after 12 weeks of age, once they are halt and received basic preventions. Maine Coon cats and kittens are available from reputable breeders.

The Maine Coon cats have a habit of following you room to room, wants to be with you all the time but not so much clingy. They should be kept in door and provided proper healthy food. Maine Coon cats are available in 75 different color combinations. It is not possible to predict longevity, it entirely depends on the proper care and nutrition, you Maine Coon can then give you years of enjoyment.

Behavior: there is no doubt they have a character and behavior, they have a very amazing way to captivate everyone. They have a very peculiar and special sound. It seems like they are talking to you. They have different friendly tweets. These cats are so much fun to have in your surroundings. They are so much happy and affectionate and used to purr a lot. If you know the technique of humming then you should take peek into the psyche of your humming friend. A Maine Coon cat when, they are very much excited and happy are used to play in the water.

Adaptation: after observing all the amazing characteristics of the Maine Coon cat, I am sure you are ready to adopt a friend, a very happy animal, your Maine Coon cat. Hope this will be a very long relationship and hopefully, it will be a rewarding addition to your family.

They are Huge Animals: Maine Coon cats are huge; they tip the scales between 9 lb. to 16 lb. female and 13 lb. to 18 lb. male. They are the biggest cat breed.

Dressed for Winters: Maine Coons are suitable for harsh winters by the characteristics they have like large, feathered paws that work as snowshoes and a thick long bushy tail that they can cover their face and shoulders. Their best feature is a deep water-repellent coat that longer on the stomach, rough and flanks. These rugged parts keep them warm. The fur is shorter from the shoulders, allowing the kitties to frisk through the woods without getting shared by trees, branches or bushes.

World’s Longest Cat: A Maine Coon that lived for 8 years was awarded by the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest cat before his death from cancer in 2013. He measured 48.5 Cm from the tip of his nose to the end of the Tail bone.

Oldest Cat: One of the Maine Coon Cat lived for 26 years and is recorded to be the oldest cat from the breed.

A Maine Coons have Six Toes: Early in the enlargement of the breed, Maine Coons were often polydactylies, they were born with extra addition on their paws but they are not compatible for the cat shows due to their extra digits in their toes.

Sleeping Habit of The Maine Coon Cat: Domestic cats mostly sleeps about 2/3 of their lives that’s around sixteen hours a day for adult cats, and in the Mammal world cats are usually hunters and predators as their ancestors were for many centuries and their body clock have to make sure they are awake in the early morning and at dusk when their prey is most likely to be active.

Fables: There are Myths about the temperament of these cats, they are not really fond of Laps but as with any personality traits there are few cats that prefer laps.