List of Characteristics of a Maine Coon Cat

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A Maine Coon cat is considered to be the national cat of Maine. It is the most popular breed of cat in North America thus the reason that the cat has been named after the place of origin. Its history dates back to centuries and is associated with many myths and stories; it is the oldest, natural cat found in America.

Characteristics of Maine Coon

Due to its popularity, Maine Coon Cat can be consulted in any part of the America, but you need to be careful whether the cat is an original breed of Maine Coon Cats or is it genetically born. Many breeders are trying to breed Maine cats genetically. This breed looks like the original cat but differs in terms of habits and characteristics.

Before buying the Maine Coon Cats, you should know some specifics  and the characteristic of these breeds as it will not only help you to find the natural Coon cats but also help you when it comes to their careful nurturing. The breed is much different from all other breeds because of its puffy ears, sturdy coat, and a long tail.  The cat is the best possible example of nature’s adaption- this animal is made for the region.

All the characteristics of this breeds show us how this breed has survived in the wild winters of North America. All the body features have their own purpose and function and keep it going throughout the year. Let’s discuss in detail, the major characteristics of Maine Coon Cats.


The most notable feature in the Coon Cats is their large ears which have cute tufts on its edges. This gives them an adorable look which differs from other cats. These cats are called the social queens due to their ever welcoming expressions and large eyes which would draw you towards them. The color of eyes varies from green, gold, copper or blue depending on the color of the cat or breed. The nose of this cat is always found to be straight and not flat.

The expressions of a Maine Coon Cat varies from a feral look to a sweet look. However, even with a wild look on their faces; they never stop being sweet and adorable.

Maine Coon Cats are big, large cats! The size of the Coon cat can vary from 13-18 pounds in males and 9-12 pounds in a female Coon. The biggest Maine Coons have weighed to be around 25 lbs.  Although they’re big, they grow slowly. You can not expect them to be giant cats in two to three months. This cat has a slow growing process and will reach the maximum size in three years’ time period.

Moving towards the body of the cat, it’s more of a strong, rectangular shaped body. They have a sturdy appearance due to the shaggy coat it always wears- such a queen like coat they have! Shaggy, fluggy and maginificent; these coats also keeo the animals very warm.Characteristics of Maine Coon These cats perform in functions and are part of the shows due to their balanced and proportioned body and their features. The neck of the Maine Coon is long with medium legs and a full chest giving it a perfect look.

Just like the upper part of the body, the bottom has large paws with tufts on the edge of the paws. Those big paws are best suited for the climate of North America and help it to walk on the snow easily. Many of the old Maine Coon also had double paws which cannot be found now.

The most fascinating of the Maine Coon body features is its long and fluffy tail which sets it’s apart from all the other cat breeds. Truly speaking, Maine Coon’s tail is its pride and it knows how to carry it around- definitely a sight that will just grab your attention. Looks apart, the tail also provides warmth to the animal when it wraps around the body.

The colors of the Coon varies from everywhere between white and black, just like their eyes. We can also find different cats with patches or stripes making all of them look different from one another.


Characteristics of Maine Coon

As much Maine Coon are praised for their beauty, they’re adored for their personality traits and their intelligence. They have a welcoming personality and can easily attract anyone by their looks and their actions. These cats are excellent with the children and will always be there with you to make you feel good.

The habits of  Maine Coon are very adorable as they’re always active and energetic and will always keep jumping around to make you laugh. They’re always act as guards of their owners. Just like dogs, they will always jump to protect them from any danger.

Their love for running has also helped them to win many running and chasing competitions the list goes on.

Another on the list is when they meet someone new, they will look straight in the eyes of the stranger giving them an idea to start the conversation. They always want to play and make new friends, just like human beings.

Characteristics of Maine CoonAlthough they love to make new friends, they will never irritate you by forcing you to play with them. They are independent and will remain by your side to make you feel comfortable. Many say that these cats do not sit on the lap but will sit beside you. With aging, the Maine Coon loses its activeness and will get slow. Since their growth is slow, you can enjoy their clown like activities for three to four years easily.


As explained above, Maine cats are giants and active, therefore, requires more food than any other normal cats.  It’s necessary that their diet is controlled after 3 years because at that point they’ll start to age and will become obese if not controlled properly

Many of these Coon cats love water, and you’ll always find them playing in the water or drinking them and therefore, safe and immense availability of water is necessary for those who have Coon cats as pets.


To know about genetic characteristics will help you be careful about the health issues and any disease which could cause harm to your cat. Most commonly found diseases in Maine Coon are hip dysplasia or cardiomyopathy. Before going to adopt your Maine Coon, do speak to the breeder about the genetics of the cat and about these diseases in the breeding stock.

If these diseases occur anytime, you can always consult a veterinarian, and that can be cured.

Maine Coon kittens are the most adorable, cute, lively and intelligent cat which will always keep you up and active with its funny actions and clown-like attitude. It will become friends with your friends and protect you from anything coming your way to the extent it can. Cats are darling to Americans, and this cat is truly a keeper for pet lovers.

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