Beyond 9 Lives – Understanding Maine Coon Cats | Qualities | Traits | Personality

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Getting curious to know more about this uh-mazing breed of cats?

Trust me as much as you get to know these awesome creatures, you will stand by your decision to bring them home sooner. They are easy to love and cuddle as these pets are big in size and possess immense characteristics. They are affectionate, loving, goofy, friendly, creatures’ attitude that thoroughly gives a false representation of their impressive size.

Maine coon cat is one of the handsome breed of cat if there ever was one. They have distinctive markings, fabulous ruff, fluffy coat, and a tail so big so amazing.


Tall tales and myths regarding the traits and behavior of coon cats do exist.

Maybe this is a result of their tough appearance or huge outlook that Maine Coon Cats are commonly considered “harsh and tumble” kind of feline. Maine coon cats are indeed charming, mysterious, captivating, alluring and fascinating.

It is accepted that a Maine Coon will essentially be a gifted seeker, have an inborn should be kept outside (being wild and all) and really have an awful streak toward individuals!

The Maine Coon cat has a gentle personality which is the reason they have so many loyal fans.
Once you fall in love with them there’s no turning back! They claim a special place in your heart. Let’s get to know more about their temperament of these cool cats

I have two Maine coons, as far as I have observed this awesome species, at the age of one they began to develop their own individual traits, physical and behavioral.

When my folks asked what is my favorite trait is, my answer is ‘personality’. They each have their unique way about them, and regularly appear to be more similar to individuals than cats. It helps that they are unfathomably shrewd, as well!

There is most likely they have character! They truly know the art of making anybody fall in love. Furthermore, little cat conduct is so subdued! Though the phase of maturity is slow for coon cats,
so they carry that kitten like behavior for years. They can win over and even melt most hardened heart seriously! I like to say that they are the Golden Retrievers of the feline world. Sweet, playful, gentle and totally crazy over.


Have you ever heard a Coon speak? 

You can’t talk about Maine Coon cat behavior without mentioning their voice. Have you ever heard a Coon speak? They have sound which is extra-ordinary and distinctive.

Still can’t believe? They really sound like they’re talking to you!
Confused? Wondering what do the experts say? Is that true? Can these goofy creatures really talk?
The voice of coons had always been a point of confusion as some termed them extremely vocal having range of sounds while some experienced that this breed scarcely heard making any sound and even if they do its very minor.

Coming to the facts, they certainly have a voice of their own, very distinguished and full of variety. A particular trill sound Maine coon cat makes is friendly chirp, depending on their mood they can howl too! Yes as loudly as they feel like. So their voice is full of twist and turns.


Lots of purring!

Maine Coon cats murmur and purr relentlessly while breathing. That is the reason it sounds steady. A coon cat will unwind the muscles around the voice box or larynx. The air goes between the vibrating muscles and the voice box, making a murmur. A protected, cherished, and glad coon cat will murmur without a moment’s notice. You can hear the breathing sound across the rooms as well.

Wondering why and when Maine coon cats do purring?

The most prominent reason why coon cats do purring is when she is content. Believe it or not, they start purring when they are only two days old. They murmur when they are nursing, and the mother feline murmurs also. A mother feline additionally frequently murmurs while conceiving an offspring. At the point when a feline is petted or held, she will soon murmur accordingly.

A great deal all the more fascinating feline actuality is that coon cats murmur when they are pushed, harmed, or when they are about to die to health issues. This has invited specialists to look at the reasons for murmuring or coon cats and all other breeds of cats as this is common amongst all.

Why might a coon cat harmed or terrified do purring?

One of the principal speculations is that it’s a method for dealing with stress, conveying solace to a terminally harmed cat. It may be an instinctual self-consoling device.

Maine coon cats are very social, much like family members, much similar to dogs; they prefer to be in the company of family members.  Every time you get home and you wake this friendly awesome creature will be there to greet you. There wonderful chirps will tell you they are glad to see you back home. I feel fresh when they greet me with their wonderful chirps’ every day, best part they greet my guests too.

They are devoted; they are your companion and love you.

The personality of Maine coon cats makes them a good match for busy big families and singles. Coon cats are amazing pets as they are incredibly patient with kids. With ensured adult supervision, great binding can take place between kids and the coon cat. Kids figure out how to treat a creature affectionately, and thusly they build up an uncommon relationship! This is quiet praiseworthy that Maine Coon breed makes them appropriate for pretty much any family. They do great with pooches, as well. They adjust effortlessly, particularly when the puppy is all around prepared and the presentation is maneuvered carefully.
I enjoy their company and when you have one you will too. It looks lovely when they look you straight in the eyes, and proceed to talk to you. This interaction contributes to their intelligent appearance


Un-beaten intelligence

Unlike other cats, for many years cat, Maine coon cats are known for their intelligence and trait of being smart.  They are very much trainable and don’t exhibit any behavioral issues; you can teach different tricks, games and make them learn to respond when they are called.
Don’t go on their huge appearance, they are a family cat and really love being picked up by children of course should be handled respect with care. When it comes to my Maine coon cats they are perfectly fine with young kids around.  They play, snuggle, and rub them and best part purr a lot when they are around.
When it comes to their color, oh they comes in variety of colors brown, red tabby, black, white you can have a Maine coon cat of your choice, they are beautiful and something to behold.

With amazing huge personality they are absolutely stunning to look at.
When it comes to Maine coon cats they are so darned pretty that you cannot expect a bad picture of them and their pictures do not require primping.

All that they do look so cute and adorable trust me. Falling off the couch for mid-nap, that attempt to squeeze into a small box everything is so loveable about them. Maine Coons cats create memories to give you smiles for life time. Male version of coon cats are fun loving and known as prankster throughout their lives. They are strong, confident and not hesitant to truly flaunt their stuff!

Aggression in Maine Coon Cats

This breed of cat is docile and loving. They are affectionate and patient with children. Actually, part of the breed depiction is that they ought to have a genial identity! Obviously, there are special cases to each run the show. Owners find themselves caught struggling with aggression problem in Maine coon cats. But this is not just about coon cats but this can happen to any breed. Mainly upbringing is the factor.

Very few owners faced issue of aggression in the Maine coon cats.

Let’s face it, aggression is not breed specific, this can happen to any breed. Better training and loving owners reduce chances of developing aggression so basically it’s all about training. Traits either being affectionate, friendly or intelligent, all of these aspects blend in, so that all you see is an amazing creature.

So you won’t look upon a Maine Coon cat and be struck by one attributes specifically. They ought to all meet up, with adjust, into one great looking feline.

Obviously they are soft, and huge, and excellent. Be that as it may, what makes them so exceptional? For the individuals who have possessed a one of these exceptional companions it’s all so clear. And afterward, to articulate it takes somewhat more time. Every creature is different and so are the different breeds of cat. They have different qualities which make them unique from one another.

Of course, every cat is special. Each has his own unique qualities, Love to have a coon or not? Our lives wouldn’t be this much incredible without them. Ideally you’re delighted in this round-up of Maine Coon qualities!